Compare and Contrast – Brandon Adamson EP

By Brandon Adamson


A folkish EP / mini album of organ-based, minimalist pop songs, with unassuming vocals and authentically retro style. These modest jams utilize a couple of vintage Bontempi organs from the 70s and 80s as well as a 1975 Cordovox combo organ. There is some 3/4 acoustic guitar in the title track, and some space theremin is peppered in here and there.

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Beatnik Fascism

By Brandon Adamson

beatnik fascism

New poetry book available, “Beatnik Fascism.” It’s 86 pages and contains about 60 poems. The theme of the book is how the thought criminals are the non-conformists of today and operate within society but detached from it. It contains elements of futurism, transhumanism, race realism, anti-consumerism and anti-capitalism. The poems often incorporate the use of beatnik slang terms into their messages.

Birthday Boy

By Brandon Adamson


An obscure 90’s oddity, Birthday Boy‘s aesthetic resembles something of a “Lo-Fi Leisure Suit Larry.” The song, “Right Back Where I Started” chronicles the love life of the character Michael from the show, “Melrose Place.” If fact, those who remember the show can probably recognize the chronologically accurate storyline and the women being referenced in the lyrics.

Originally released on cassette in 1996, this is one the most unusual recordings from a highly experimental era of indie alternative music.

Popsicle Stand

By Brandon Adamson

Brandon Adamson Popsicle Stand



Cool your jets and enjoy the afternoon with this swingin’ summertime, 60’s style pop jam. ┬áTurn up the dial on your Nobility pocket transistor radio and head to the beach just one last time before summer’s over, and it’s time to blow this popsicle stand. Fickle fadsters come and go, but a few of us stay until the bitter end.