Skytrain to Nowhere

By Brandon Adamson


Skytrain to Nowhere is an imagination driven and esoteric volume of free-form poetry. The book documents the author’s experiences, thoughts and observations while riding the skytrain at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport over the period of several weeks. Since the skytrain is only designed to transport travelers between various terminals and parking facilities at the airport, someone spending nearly 50 hours riding it purely for recreation and artistic inspirational purposes is highly unusual (to put it mildly.) Aside from occasional quirky anecdotes about various passengers, the poems mostly deal with themes of motion, the passage of time, and nostalgia. The author grapples with these issues from a retro-futurist perspective. Skytrain to Nowhere celebrates the realization that our vitality hinges on our ability to always keep moving, while recognizing we are unwilling or unable to leave some things behind on the journey.

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Beatnik Fascism

By Brandon Adamson

beatnik fascism

New poetry book available, “Beatnik Fascism.” It’s 86 pages and contains about 60 poems. The theme of the book is how the thought criminals are the non-conformists of today and operate within society but detached from it. It contains elements of futurism, transhumanism, race realism, anti-consumerism and anti-capitalism. The poems often incorporate the use of beatnik slang terms into their messages.