Go Ask Alice, When She’s Ten Feet Tall

By Brandon Adamson


Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” is probably one of the best songs of all time and epitomizes everything I love about the mid to late 60’s. What a great time to be alive, assuming you didn’t end up stepping on landmines in Vietnam. The slow buildup up of the song to its glorious revelation…”FEED YOUR HEAD!” Here they are on The Smothers Brothers show in 1967:

Yipe Stripes!

By Brandon Adamson

Teenage Strangler Yipes Stripes

“That’s what cats are wearin’ nowadays.” Perhaps a fad that never quite caught on was Yipe Stripes, which from the song lyrics appears to have referred to vertical stripes on a shirt more so than the horizontal variety. Striped shirts were popular in the 60’s even without the term yipe being attached to them so who knows. The video and the song are from the film “Teenage Strangler,” which is a surprisingly good thriller. Totally watchable.

Stacy Smith with Danny Dean and The Daredevils


We All Live For the Sun

By Brandon Adamson


I stumbled across this album by a “Beach Boys” styled band called The Sunrays several years ago at an antique store. I purchased it mostly for the mod aesthetic of the cover, not really expecting much. I instantly fell in love with the first song, “I Live For the Sun.” It’s peppy vocals and bright melodies capture the essence of summertime style in the 1960’s. It’s strange that a someone like me, practically a vampire who doesn’t even really even like going outside, could identify with this sort of jam. Yet it’s amazing. The song promotes life, like the rays of the sun itself. The band actually toured with and opened for the Beach Boys, unsurprisingly.

Baby That’s All You Do, and Then You’re a Black Belt Too

By Brandon Adamson

lee dowell black belt

Lee Dowell – Black Belt… a┬áreally catchy and forgotten song from the film “Teenage Gang Debs.” Long before “the macarena” took an unsuspecting 90’s philistine culture by storm, there was this “Black Belt” dance sequence. ┬áLearn these moves and try them out at your next cocktail party, pronto.


It’s a Mod, Mod World

By Brandon Adamson

Here’s the trailer for “Mondo Mod.” It’s a classic 1960s fake documentary movie about mod culture. The film features and incredibly catchy title song by a “band” called The Gretschmen. There’s also a brief art segment where a couple of Ellsworth Kelly paintings are mentioned. One of my all time favorites.


Majestic 12 – Nothing on TV

By Brandon Adamson

Great classic mod video from a Southern California band in the late 90s.

The band featured Scott Schultz on vocals and guitar, Jana Wittren Heller on vocals, Ammon Watene on vocals and guitar, Steve Berrett on bass, and Aaron Watene on drums. Jana left the band in 1997 to join The Arrogants and the remaining members regrouped as Majestic, releasing two fantastic pop records on Shelflife. The band went on hiatus when Scott co-created the incredibly successful children’s TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba.

source: Shelflife Records http://www.shelflife.com/catalogue/LIFE055.html